Babboni Photo Tip how to take better photos with you iphone

Hello Fellow Photography Lovers! We hope you are enjoying this blog series just as much as we are. We’ve covered quite a bit so far….with this being said, we’ve decided to mix things up a bit. It’s time for you to show us what you can do! We hope you have been applying what you’ve learned so far. Here’s a recap on what we’ve discussed so far incase you missed anything:

Exposure & Zoom – BEFORE even taking the shot

Built-in Phone Editing

Better Cellphone Action Shots

Lighting and Sun Shadows

INDOOR lighting 

Rule of Thirds


babbonis Photo Contest!

With all these new tips and nuggets of knowledge…what good does it do if you don’t apply them? Over the next two weeks babbonis is hosting a photo contest on our Facebook Page. We want to see the shots you’re proud of!! There will be two categories. PEOPLE and EVERYDAY LIFE. Wayde will select a winner from each category at the end of the contest, March 18th.  The winners will be FEATURED in our blog posts as well as Facebook Page.  PLUS you will win a coffee mug with a few goodies as well as FREE SITTING & $500 Gift Certificate to our Studio!! Why pass up this opportunity?!

How to Qualify:

  1. Select your FAVORITE photograph you have taken
  2. Upload your image to our Babboni Facebook Page
  3. Write a short caption stating your photo contest entry, which category, as well as any other information about the photo you would love to share! i.e. “Photo Contest Entry: People.  This photo here is meaningful to me because…..”
  4. Share your post on your own personal Facebook Page! (Likes, Post, and Shares wont secure your winning title but certainly can’t hurt!)

If you have any questions…let us know! We look forward to seeing your photos. At the end of the two weeks on March 18th Wayde will select a favorite from each category.

Best of Luck, Friends!