Babboni Photo Tip how to take better photos with you iphoneOkay…so this is a little bit more of a MYTH Buster. People always ask us how they can take better shots of their kids playing sports on their cellphones. The truth of 20160115_175520the matter is – there is no easy “one-size-fits-all” fix to taking decent action shots on your phone. In most cases it’s a lost cause. Honestly, you might be better off enjoying the game your child is playing in rather than fighting with your phone and constantly checking to see if your shots are turning out. However, there are a few things you can consider doing for those who are determined to take better shots…

If you’re outdoors – Try keeping the light behind you.

If possible, always keep the light source to your back – this allows your subject to be well lit and avoids too much sun-glare across your action shot.

Get as close to the action as possible!

Try to avoid using the digital zoom in your sport shots. You will start to lose quality as you zoom through your phone. Instead use your feet! Get as close to the action as you can and crop your photo later.

Useful tools built into your phone:

  • Burst Mode – Gives you the opportunity to capture a consecutive set of photos per second. This helps with athletes in action!
  • Grid – Visually divides your potential image into horizontal and vertical thirds. Place your important element along these lines and at intersections for better pictures!
  • Exposure Lock – This allows you to find the light exposure you like, and lock it in for the rest of the photos you take in that series. This is very helpful in lowlight situations!

Minimize the distractions in the frame.

If you keep the targets in your photo to a minimum it will allow the lens to focus correctly and give you the highest quality photos.

Keep taking the shot!

When it comes to cellphones it’s hard to tell if the photo turned out perfectly or not. Instead of just hoping it does – go ahead and snap a few more shots! That’s the beauty of digital photography; it allows you to make mistakes. So to ensure you get the best shot you can, always take multiple photos and don’t erase them until you load them onto a larger screen.

Best of luck on your Sport Photos on your Cellphones!

Stay tuned for our next posting….all about light and eliminating harsh shadows from the sun!