Meet The Team


Angie Fasanello

Angie Fasanello

Marketing & Sales Director

I’ve been with babbonis for 14 years. Babbonis is my second home and the people I work with are like family. I could NOT love my job any more than I do! When I’m not here, I’m a typical wife and mom to four wonderful babes. Georgia is 19, Fiona is 10, Leland is 7 and Eve is 2. Yes, most days at home… I’m exhausted!

I’ve worn many hats at the studio over the years, but about five years ago I transitioned into our View and Order/Sales Department. This position has allowed me to stay at home with my kiddos a few extra days during the week and has given me the opportunity to share with our clients all of the potential their session has to offer.

Our clients see their families, their high school senior, basically watch their memories unfold before them… it’s a special moment, and I’m so blessed that I get to share that with them.

There’s also an aesthetic aspect to the time I get to spend with our clients. I’m usually looking at wall space and helping my client dream of their gallery wall potential. It’s the perfect world of photography, service and interior design all in one. One could say it fills my cup!

I have a passion for photography and people … and in my world they collide daily. The results are LONG LASTING and usually INVAULABLE. I love watching new parents gush over their newborn babies, parents in awe of their high school seniors, and then grandparents who are so proud of the family and legacy they’ve built. I have tissues sitting on my table for a reason! It’s NEVER just about taking pictures.We are creating memories for families, and helping them preserve a precious time that will never be forgotten and always be cherished.

You’ll probably meet me for the first time when you come in for your consultation or your final view and order appointment. We are all about relationship building herat babbonis and we do our best to make sure we are finding ways to make our clients time here memorable and meaningful.

 Angela FinkAngela Povlich

Marketing & Communications Manager

I can’t believe it has already been a decade since I started here at the studio. Time flies when you are having fun!  Originally, I started as a marketing college student with a passion for photography. Through my time here I’ve transitioned into obtaining many different roles and have settled into the marketing & communications manager position…but it’s so much more than that! I have the opportunity to manage a lot of the behind the scenes work here at the studio. I oversee and create most of our marketing communication activities. In addition to administrative and computer management, I come along side Angie with continuing our local business partnerships as well as constantly develop new ideas for the studio.

You will usually chat with me when you set up your appointments or at your consultation. Client relations has always been one of my favorite parts of my job here. With a strong passion for working with people, it is always a treat to get to know our clients to find out why these photographs are so important to you and how we can make this experience better than you even imagined! To say we love going the extra mile to surpass our client’s expectations would be an understatement. So many of our clients start to feel like close friends and family by the time we hand over their family’s finished art pieces. I feel so blessed to be able to meet so many wonderful people, work in such a life-giving environment and learn form the best in the industry!

Outside of the office I’m a full time wife and mommy. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and got married back in May 2016. Jacob and I have three little ones that keep us on our toes. Our oldest is Shaelyn (4), Declan is (2) and our youngest Esme was born just this past July! Spending time with friends and family as well as going on adventures with the kiddos and our pup are some of my favorite things.

Through the past 10 years I’ve been so blessed to have Wayde photograph my immediate family, husband’s family, our wedding as well as our kids milestone sessions! These are photograph I will truly treasure for the rest of my life.