Babboni Photo Tip how to take better photos with you iphone

Hello Everyone! This week we are going to continue our photo tips for everyday life…the tips in this posting can be used with both cellphone as well as traditional cameras. As we continue our series we love hearing your feedback! Remember…if you have a photo tip request or questions – let us know! Here are two important little tips that can greatly impact your photography ability on-the-go.

#1  Clean your lens

This may seem silly – but when was the last time you wiped down your phone or your camera lens? If you really think about it…our phones are constantly being held with our hands. Natural oils alone can leave their mark – not to mention the residue from that bag of chips that linger behind on your fingers. Make a conscious effort to clean your phone. Try using a soft clean micro-fiber cloth and wipe your camera lens off too. You’ll be surprised how much more crisp and clear your images may appear!

#2 Rule of Thirds

Now…there’s nothing wrong with having your subject in the center of your screen. This can actually be recommended if you’re photographing a group of individuals. HOWEVER…we’ve touched on this before, but using your “Rule of Thirds” can really bring in a whole new feel to your portraits. Positioning your subject at different sections of your frame is the easiest way to add motion and change the entire mood of your portrait. So what is the Rule of Thirds and what do we mean?

Well, the Rule of Thirds is essentially a grid across your camera frame. (most smart phones have this built in and you can turn it on and off in your settings) The “Rule” is to position your subject at the intersecting points of this grid. See the photos below as an example:

Rule of ThirdsRule of ThirdsRule of ThirdsRule of Thirds

When images utilize this Rule of Thirds the portrait creates “motion”. You find your eyes moving across the entire photo. This rule can be applied in portraits, landscape, sports and so much more! We encourage you to play around with this and see how your photos transform!

Stay week we will be launching a 2 week photo contest! Practice your skills and be ready to show off your favorite images!