Babboni Photo Tip how to take better photos with you iphone

It has been so fun watching all of your photo contest entries come in! (It’s the last day – don’t miss out!) You have all these beautiful and fun shots – now what?  We always say “You don’t have a photograph unless you have a print”. With this being said – we have the perfect solution for you….babbonis is teaming up with Mike Crivello’s Camera in Brookfield!

If you’ve ever tried to hook up your phone to your computer and transfer files to upload online or take to a store to get your precious shots printed – you know it can often be more complicated then one would think!  The cool thing about Mike Crivello’s Camera is you can actually upload your photos to get them printed – right from your phone!  Sound too good to be true? We also have a secret way you can receive 10% off AND get your photos printed! Here’s how…

Launch your phone web browser and go to: 

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Once you are on their website – Locate the blue box titled “Online Photo Prints” hit the white button “>Start Printing“. This will bring you to their Online Print page….select the red “Launch Online Print Application” to get started!


The mobile friendly photo printing process will pop-up on your screen – simply hit “Start Photo Print” it will then prompt you to select which photos you would like to upload. 4

Once your images are uploaded – the top bar will display selected photos. One at a time select the photo and hit “Prints” on the top right portion of your screen. 5

An order menu will pop up and you can choose the size and quantity of desired photo. 6

Depending on size selected – make sure the photo is cropped as desired, once finished hit “Next” on the bottom right of your screen. 7

Select desired options and SCROLL DOWN…..(here’s the secret!)Screenshot_2016-03-18-10-23-02

In the comments section of this page…be sure to type in Babboni Photography to receive 10% off your order when you pick it up in the store! Hit next to continue…Screenshot_2016-03-18-10-23-07

Review your order – making sure Babboni Photography is in the comments section! Hit next to continue…


Simply select “Pickup in Store” and fill in the prompts! It’s that simply. Plus you get 10% off! Have fun printing!

Remember…stay tune, Photo Contest Winner will be announced tomorrow, March 19th.