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Your Family Deserves the BEST. Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer:

  1.  Professionally Invested
  2.  Experience & Education
  3.  Editing & Software
  4.  Quality Products
  5.  Full Service

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

    1. Professionally Invested

    There is a piece of mind that comes with hiring a professional photographer. Ultimately, they’re working for you. They are invested in your satisfaction. You are their client, not family or a friend – they will continue with a level of professionalism your aunt or BFF may not.

    This IS their livelyhood. To run a successful business, return clients are essential, and word of mouth is often the most lucrative marketing tool. They have not built their career on failure.  The hobbyist, on the other hand, doesn’t have nearly as much to lose. They might ruin a relationship or have their ego hurt – but not delivering on your photo job isn’t going to destroy their livelihood.

    2. Experience & Education

    A professional photographer has done it all. They’ve photographed a wide variety of events and portraits and have been exposed to many different subjects and conditionsThere is no shortcut to experience. You do take a gamble with a “first-timer” or an inexperienced photographer who doesn’t know what to do at various points during your session.

    Professionals know the ins and outs of posing and can make subjects look natural in any setting. They can anticipate angles and manipulate the light to create their vision. They have experience in posing groups of every size for optimal results, interacting fluidly with their subjects to achieve the desired goal.

    3. Editing & Software

    Professionals know how to create jaw-dropping portraits with just their camera alone. However, true professionals know how to create flawless portraiture through their camera skills as well as their editing processes.  You are going to want to hire someone who has the tools and experience in fine tuning a portrait.

    We’re not talking about “air-brushing” your skin until you don’t look like yourself, we’re talking about the “photo-shopping” you didn’t even know was done. Removing stray hairs, blemishes, distracting reflections, or highlighting that natural beauty in your eyes…all these skills can turn a nice picture into a flawless portrait

    4. Quality Products

    We live in a “Need it NOW” society. However, the old saying really is true…”good things come to those who wait”.  Professional photographers work with professional labs. One Hour photo shops may be convenient at the time…but a professional lab still believes in the art of perfecting a portrait. The smallest tweak within the color settings can make the biggest difference between a perfect skin tone and a green face.

    In addition to the overall color of professional labs, they also provide heirloom quality products. If you are investing in a timeless wall portrait, you deserve to have that display look as flawless 20 years from now as it does the day you bring it home.

    4. Full Service

    Another aspect of working with a professional photographer that should not be over looked – is the benefit of a portrait studio space. Our location here in Brookfield, allows us the opportunity to truly service our clients from start to finish. When you call to book your appointment, there is a fully knowledgeable person who answers your questions, gives you invaluable insight and suggestions to make your session your own, as well as prepares you for the rest of the experience.

    When a portrait studio has an indoor studio as well as an outdoor property – you truly benefit with a wide variety of backgrounds and areas to choose from. You won’t waste your time traveling back and forth to different locations. Another advantage, is having access to a changing room.  It may seem silly, but if you’re meeting a free-lance photographer on-location…you’re probably changing in your car, checking your makeup in a rearview mirror…or worst, a public park bathroom without a mirror.

    You’ve had your photos taken…now what? This is where most inexperienced photographers drop the ball. Professional photographers meet with you and go through the selections together. Our expert portrait stylists hold your hand through the entire process – help you pick your favorites, address retouching questions right away, help design your gorgeous wall display that will be on your walls for years to come and so much more.