We talk a lot to our clients about the importance of celebrating family and commemorating milestones as a way to hold onto and cherish those important memories.

As much as we talk to our clients, we are also pretty good listeners.  We hear all too often that there’s been regret not getting a family portrait done because someone has now since passed away, or that they are in disbelief at the portrait of their friend who passed and the not so flattering picture their family had on display at the funeral.  I know this all sounds so morbid, and they aren’t exactly the kinds of things we like to anticipate.  But, the end is all something we have in common.

My grandmother lived a full life in her 88 years and I was so thankful I had the chance to tell her I loved her one last time.  Once my father and his siblings began planning her funeral service, they knew how important it was going to be to have those fun picture boards on display as well as other meaningful pieces such as the family portrait (featured below—all 46 of us!) and a beautiful portrait of my grandmother.  This headshot was associated with all the primary elements for the celebration of her life.  In my humblest opinion, a pretty big deal.

This headshot and portrait were current and stately, something I know my grandmother would’ve been proud of.