Holy. Moly.
What a year. I mean month. I mean two months?
Whatever the measure… just, holy moly.
If you’re like me some days were really good, and other days… really bad. The really
bad days didn’t even have anything monumental to contribute to the “bad”. It
simply was. But the good days were notable! The family took a walk. We had lunch
and dinner together. The kids played all day without fighting. I found everything I
needed at the grocery store for a new recipe. The sun was shining. All these things
we could cherry pick for our good days.
If you’re still like me you decided this time shall not be wasted! I made a
“Coronacation To Do” list and to my husbands dismay it was lofty and ambitious.
But guess what? We accomplished so much! I think what I love about these tasks is
that it grows my relationship with my husband. We work really well together. We
make a really good team! Don’t get me wrong… I tend to be more ambitious, but he
jumps right along side, no questions (generally) needed. I don’t want to look back
on 2020 and say, man Corona really tested me… I want to say “It grew me”. Do you
think the same? I love talking with my friends and hearing about their daily/weekly
victories. For me, I also made it a personal mission to adopt a new healthy habit.
The bad habits are the easy ones to create; it’s the good ones that need the effort.
Agreed? I’ve been longing for more opportunities to grow in my faith. Right before
Covid I had found a new rhythm in a women’s group at church. A few weeks into
Quarantine I was asked to help facilitate a virtual study with my daughter and some
of her friends. Ummmm… insert uncertainty here! But, it’s been so wonderful!
When the door to church (literally) closed, another opened.
Before Corona Wayde said something that stuck with me and I’ve used it with my
kids and my family, especially with all this extra time together. That is, “Grace given,
Grace received”. How perfect, right? As a family unit, co existing isn’t always a walk
in the park. But these people that live within your 4 walls are pretty darn special.
AM-I-RIGHT?? Bad day, sassy pants, and simply not in the mood? No worries, grace
received. Interrupted Zoom call and no quiet space to record that assignment? No
worries, grace given. These people are MY people and I’m so grateful to have had
this time to grow with them. But please tell me, how have you grown? What new
habits did you take on? Did you grow in your cooking abilities? What rituals as a
family will you still be implementing even after we go back to “normal”? I’d love to
hear about ‘em!