I became a mommy for the first time 10 years ago.  Like all mothers, when my daughter was born my life was turned upside down!  But I loved every minute of it!  Making my own baby food, changing diapers, and all the milestones and photos to remember them with.  (yes, we even photographed diaper changes) I must have had the camera strapped to my body, because 10 years ago smartphones were not common.  The bookshelves I have full of albums and scrapbooks are proof of this.  Georgia’s every move was photographically documented.

Now 10 years later, I’m a mommy for the second time.  Fiona Anne came along and is the apple of her mommy, daddy, and sister’s eye.  I know I’m an emotional mush when it comes to my girls, but I think it’s been heightened the second time around.  Maybe now in my 30’s I have a higher appreciation for the miracle of life… but my emotional radar is on full alert 24/7!  Just a drive in my car thinking about my girls and the water works start.

As with most kids after the first, the camera doesn’t seem to be around as much.  I have to force myself to remember to grab the camera!  But here’s the ironic part… (again, I’m sure I’m not alone here) I’m so much more in touch with the reality of what her growth and milestones mean… the slow detachment from the dependence on me.  Sad huh?  But it’s the truth!  I can’t believe Georgia is going to be 11 soon, and I can’t believe Fiona is already a year!  Where does the time go?  How do we make it last?  How do we preserve their precious innocence and keep them as little for as long as possible?  The answer is… we can’t.  We have to simply enjoy and savor this time with them as much as possible.  Because when it’s done, it’s done.  There aren’t do overs or remakes possible.  So in another 10 years when Georgia is off at college and Fiona will be in grade school, I’ll be so thankful that I have those memories preserved.  The only way to hold onto them is with a portrait.

This most recent one is of Fiona the day before her first birthday.  This 30 inch beauty will hang in my home until they have to peel it off the wall and haul me away to the nursing home.  This, along with a few others of Georgia that Wayde has captured, is among my most prized treasures.

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