Babboni Photo Tip how to take better photos with you iphone

Two more awesome little tips! This is part three of three on how to look better in photos. (Or how to make your subjects look their best) Here are two more tips to consider before you step in front of the camera…

Tip #5  Avoid Saying “Cheese”

This may seem weird – considering we’ve become so accustomed to saying “CHEESE” when taking photos!  When you say a lot of the common photo phrases like ‘cheese’ you are producing a grin. Instead try saying words like “MONEY” that have a more natural resting smile for the lips. The strong “e” sound in “money” produces a more natural smile shape and the crinkles around your eyes appear as a more genuine smile – if all else fails, think of something funny. Better yet, joke around with the photographer. Bringing out your natural smile is always better than a fake one every time!


Tip #6 Be in More Pictures!

Often times people who feel they’re un-photogenic tend to pose for less photos overall, but photography can be a game of averages at times! Not everyone can nail the shot on the first try. The more shots you let your photographer, or you, take over all – the more likely you are to be happier with one or two of the photos. So, don’t be shy!