Babboni Photo Tip how to take better photos with you iphone

As we move along with our photo tips – this is part two of three on how to look better in photos! (Or how to make your subjects look their best) Here are two more tips to consider before you step in front of the camera…

 Tip #3  Hide the Double Chin.

Whether you have one or not – this tip still helps slim your neck. When posing for a photo hide the double chin by bringing your chin forward and slightly angled down. The purpose of this is to stretch your neck so that you have a well-defined jaw line while hiding your neck. It might feel a little awkward – but it is more flattering, we promise. Here are some visuals to prove it!

DSC_3196-a DSC_3201a

 Tip #4 Best Way to Slim Arms

If you pose with your arms a couple inches away from your torso it will have a much more slimming appeal compared to posing square with your arms against your body. You can achieve this through placing your hands on your hips. Also, keep your posture. Your back and shoulders should be straight but still relaxed. Pair this with angling your body tip we talked about last week and “Wa-La”..perfect pose every time! 


Check out tip #1 and #2 in last weeks post and stay tuned for two more next week!