Tip #1 – The Right Angle

The way you position yourself – or your subject – can make a huge difference in their appearance. Avoid standing straight on to the camera. The classic model’s pose is to turn your body 3/4ths toward the camera. This allows for a much more flattering shot with a lot less attention drawn to “broad” shoulder/body pose. Additional tip…do something with your hands! Instead of just standing there, put them in your pockets, cross your arms, or put your arm on your hip. Here’s some visual examples…..

Tip #2  Hide the Double Chin

Whether you have one or not – this tip still helps slim your neck. When posing for a photo hide the double chin by bringing your chin forward and slightly angled down. The purpose of this is to stretch your neck so that you have a well-defined jaw line while hiding your neck. It might feel a little awkward – but it is more flattering, we promise. Here are some visuals to prove it!

 Tip #3 – Your Smile

Your facial expression is very important! Whatever mood you’re trying to portray – happy, sad, silly….this tip is specifically for your casual smile. Most people do the super-cheesy grin or even chuckle with their mouth open – this can be cute. However, try not to clench your teeth while smiling and instead keep your mouth slightly open and smile without showing too much of your gums is typically most flattering. Also, keep your tongue behind your teeth slightly touching the roof of your mouth…this can help tighten your neck too!